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What tools can I use to create a guided tour (walkthrough) of my website?

I'm looking for tools similar to walkme.com or tourmyapp.com
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Pulkit Agrawal
Pulkit AgrawalCofounder & CEO, Chameleon (a platform for better user onboarding)

The list of tools is available above in the answer wiki.

As you explore which is right for you, consider how well that tool fits within the ecosystem of other tools you might use.

The best guided tours / walkthroughs are created when all these tools operate in harmony. Some examples:

  • An analytics provider, such as Mixpanel or Heap Analytics. Ideally your walkthrough tool will integrate with your analytics provider so you can see walkthrough data alongside other usage data.
  • An in-app chat solution, such as Intercom. This will allow you to add two-way in-product messaging to any guided tours. Ideally your walkthrough tool can talk to this so you can message and tour users in tandem.
  • video hoster, such as Vimeo. Ideally your walkthrough tool can easily support showing videos from a Vimeo or YouTube link. You might also use a GIF creator, such as the one from Giphy (for Mac).
  • An API manager, such as Segment, so that you can easily turn on and off various other tools. Ideally your walkthrough can be implemented using this, so you don’t have to add the snippet or send user data separately.

Chameleon integrates with Segment, Mixpanel, Heap, Google Analytics, Intercom and others.

Taige Zhang
Taige ZhangUser Engagement and Growth Product Manager
I work at Kera and we have a tool similar to WalkMe but more powerful and for developers. It works with HTML elements on your site.

I can also recommend trying out:
Taurus - Set up a product tour for your web application in 15 minutes
Crumble - jQuery Feature Tours
Iridize.com, on-page guidance and site-tours
jQuery Joyride Feature Tour Plugin
Bogdan Suchyk
Bogdan Suchykgrowth hacker apprentice, founder and CEO @ myTips.co
Take a look on myTips.co tutorial builder, so far is the simplest solution. You can easily create on-screen tutorials with just a few clicks and publish them a moment later. Without any coding.
Jeff Bennett
Jeff BennettEntrepreneur
Depends on the specifics. Prezi - Presentation Softwareis pretty cool. But, below are the Free tools I used for a guided tour of a Free Virtual Desktop on my website which resembles the use of walkme. The tools listed work for me for webcast, vignette, screen capture, web video, online video, etc.  


Click on the link "Click Here to Watch the Quick Tour Video".  A long story but as my site is HTTPS and the open source video player called by WPOSFLV is http only, I had to link to the video or the security certificate was invalidated.

I had previously used Flash swf instead of FLV, which was easier and cleaner, but I needed the player controls for the users. 

SMRecorder (screen capture with audio) (from download.com)
Format Factory (conversion to FLV) (from download.com)
WP OS FLV (Wordpress Plugin for Flash with controls)

SwfObj (as an alternative Wordpress Plugin for Flash with swf files Flash with no controls)

I also used the plugin Add From Server Wordpress Plugin to make the media library aspect easier. 

You can also use SMRecorder and do mp4 files and perhaps embed them in your page hosted on Youtube or Vimeo if you are not using wordpress or just prefer to host the videos elsewhere. 

Hope that helps.
Khadim Batti
Khadim BattiKhadim is Co-Founder of whatfix

If you are comfortable with bit of programming, then you can use Java script libraries likeHopscotch or Joyride to create guided web tours.

If you are looking for a ready-to-use solution, then your best would be to use the UI based walk-through builder - Whatfix.

Whatfix will help you create real-time interactive walkthroughs on any web platform using its easy-to-use extension. It can be used to give users tour of your website, onboard new users or employees onto your platform, train them extensively on particular user based tasks and also used as a tool to for help and support.

It is simply the best WalkMe alternative in comparison to performance as well as the budget.

To give you a gist of how it looks like, here’s a GIF of Whatfix’s interactive walkthrough (and self-help widget) on Service Now.